Hi I'm Hope,

I was just a simple farm girl until my parents got divorced, and I moved to the suburbs of Williamsville. I graduated Willaimsville South High School in 2014 with an Advanced Regents Diploma.
It was then that I attended SUNY University at Buffalo in pursuit of a Bachelors in Chemistry. However , I am now currently on the track for a Bachelors of Arts in Communications with a Concentration in Media Studies and Public Relations.

I really enjoy when the weather is a nice 82o F and a nice breeze as well. Other interests include (but aren't limited to):
  1. watching netflix
  2. cooking a massive meal, with a dessert
  3. being sarcastic
  4. canoeing

I also LOVE Elephants. Over the summer I lived with them in Cambodia.
Here is a link to see elephants.

Elephants poached in America Elephants poached in Cambodia
none a lot

For further questions about my Cambodian Adventure please send an email to hopedunk@buffalo.edu