PhD candidate in Linguistics, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.



I have a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I worked in business before joining the UB Department of Linguistics to pursue a PhD in 2012. My research interests are in Psycholinguistics and Semantics, focusing on meaning-carrying verbal and nonverbal utterances, their interaction with other speech, and how they are interpreted.


I served as President of the Graduate Linguistics Association for the 2013-2014 academic year. My main goal was to promote community and social interaction in the Linguistics Graduate Student Community.

I have been the GSA Webmaster since 2014. I've succeeded in redesigning and launching a new design for the GSA Website, and worked with my co-webmaster to bring clubs online.


I look at co-speech gesture production, working in the Gesture as Simulated Action theory to examine the different contributions of visual mental imagery and motor mental imagery.

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About Holly

I am a PhD Candidate in Linguistics with a background in International Business, Marketing, and French. I have worked in government, for businesses, and for non-profit corporations across the United States.

I am also a USSF-certified referee and active member of the Buffalo Western New York Soccer Association.

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Holly has exceptional time management and organization skills, an ability to multi-task on a regular basis, a commitment to deliver superior client service, social media skills, and an independent, forward-thinking approach to creative design!
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