Welcome! Today I'm learning Frontpage Editor to build my own Website.

 To start, my name is Joe Helfer.
 For now, this page will be used to demonstrate what I have learned in this workshop.
In it, I will be taught how to modify and add content and how to change the appearance of that content. In addition, I will also learn how to add images, hyperlinks and horizontal lines.

Please visit my second page

New York Times Website


...He had not yet been hit
             but smiled
                   comforting his companions
                                his companions

Dreams possess me
and the dance
            of my thoughts...

My grocery list:

My schedule:

  1. wake up
  2. get out of bed
  3. brush my teeth
  4. take a shower
  5. get dressed
  6. eat breakfast
  7. go to school/work
  8. eat lunch
  9. go home
  10. call a friend
  11. watch TV
  12. eat dinner
  13. brush my teeth

Lunch Menu: