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Explore the effect of visual stimuli on ASD screening


Screening Overview
Abstract: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the most common childhood developmental disorders. Early detection and intervention for ASD are critical for increasing child success. In the past decade, utilizing the abnormal eye gaze characteristics of children with autism in regard to certain visual stimuli is emerging as a screening approach due to its cost-efficiency and promising accuracy. However, the effect of visual stimulus on children with ASD has not been considered as a diagnostic consideration in the past. In this paper, we first create a visual stimuli database based on an extensive literature review, then we examine the impact of picture stimuli and exposure time on the quantitative accuracy of screenings for ASD. This is done by extracting gaze distribution in a 2-D space and comparing children with ASD to typical peers using the 1st Wasserstein distance. A group of 32 participants with ASD and typical development (TD) were recruited for the study. The f-score accuracy results demonstrate the impact of implementing visual stimulus on screening for ASD. Our study demonstrates that the parsing of "social scene" stimulus with 5-second exposure time has the best performance at 98.24%

A Home-Based Functional Hand-Extremity Assessment System for Stroke Rehabilitation


Grip System Overview
Abstract: This paper presents a novel hand-grip system for evaluation and rehabilitation of individuals with stroke. This system contains a pair of hand dynamometers, which are sensors for the input of grip force, and LabVIEW VI software to translate the grip force into meaningful data. The hand-grip system requires the subjects to move a small ball on a computer screen toward a target, using the hand grip sensor to control the movement of the ball. It goes far beyond measuring maximum grip strength, a common clinical assessment, to adapt grip force and coordinate hands to perform daily functional activities. This system also provides advancement in home-rehabilitation options to improve the hand-grip control of individuals with stroke.