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Harshad Kulkarni


I am a computer engineer by profession, currently doing my Master's in Computer Science at University at Buffalo.

Computers fascinate me, and so do humans. I am always on the lookout for ideas which bring computers closer to humans.

9 to 5 Jobs

Summer Intern

Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. (2016)

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Senior Software Engineer

3DPLM Software Solutions (2013 - 2015)

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Master of Science

Computer Science

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Special concentration: Information Retrieval and Machine Learning

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Bachelor of Engineering

Computer Engineering

PVG's College of Engineering and Technology, University of Pune.

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Hi, there

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I write a weekly blog here.

It's a bilingual blog in Marathi and (sometimes) English, about songs that I like. I generally over-analyze the lyrics though I have no clue about music. The songs are mostly marathi or hindi, but that is just because I listen to and love them.


I love the idea of taking photos. I am all for freezing things in time.

Here are some photos I clicked.

My favorites

I spend a lot of time (a tad too much) on the internet. Here are some of my favorite corners of the internet :


It is a podcast hosted by CGP Grey and hard as nails Brady Haran. It is funny, it is serious, it is life altering.


The vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green are the internet - they with an awesome community of Nerdfighters, do weird things, sign, draw, write and do happy dances - and teach the world how to reduce world-suck. DFTBA!


This guy is crazy. He does, what I love to do with movies, analyze the crap out of movies- and he does it so well that it is almost a sin - ting!

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The best stick-figure drawing fast-talking too-practical robotic human. Though infrequent, his each upload illuminates!


Though a little niche, this guy is amazing - the way he talks, the way he analyzes art, with every video - my mind is blown


I have to mention them. How art can open up, a relatively conservative community. They have a scripted interview show, but they have excellent dark humor.