Colonial Williamsburg

The 1700's in the 21st Century

Things to enjoy in Colonial Williamsburg

Ever want to go back to the early days of Colonial America? Interested in what it was like when King George III was in charge? Well, now you can through Colonial Williamsburg. Here, you can walk through a town stuck in the past. You can enjoy old-fashioned meals, play classic Colonial games, and walk through many gardens that have been around since the settlement of Williamsburg. Restaurants like the The King's Arms Tavern is a fun place to bring the family. You can tour the Governor's palace, too! A place that us common folk would normally not see, and wander through the beautiful gardens out back. Colonial Williamsburg is a great place to relax and learn.


If you've brought the kids and they're looking for something different after a few days, there's also the local Busch Garden's amusement park just a short drive away. From the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor center, take Lafayette St. to US 60E. Follow this road until a slight right onto Busch Gardens Blvd and the park will be just ahead!