Search Engine Comparison

Topic: Gluten free bread recipe  N=8 (number of results on first page)


Google yields about 7,220,000 results. The first result is the beginning of a recipe from that makes a good quality gluten free bread. The results go on to include recipes from,,, and (all well known baking sites) as well as some sites specifically made for gluten free cooking. different styles of bread appear in the search results, and some of the recipes are know to be both simple and tasty.


Yahoo! does not provide the total number of results. The first resource provided was a link to Yahoo Recipe Search, rather than actual recipes. Following were a mix of recipes from,, and some lesser known sites that do not hold as much credibility. An article about a "taste test" appears as one of the first sources provided. While it is important to have good tasting bread, this source does not provide recipes but instead critiques of premade breads. 


Bing, like Yahoo! does not provide the total number of results found through the search. however, the first item shown is a list of recipes in a row of many different types of gluten free bread. Once you scroll a bit, you come across some ads advertising baking gluten free and baking ingredients (not specifically gluten free...) After getting through the adds, recipes from not so well known sites are presented in the results list. Eventually, known sites like appears (same recipe that was found through Google and Yahoo), but many of the articles and resources are talking about premade gluten free bread, rather than actual recipes for someone to make for themselves.