Relevance of Actual Year and Estimated Year
  1. That is because the things which happend will not be changed, but the date we estimate is changeable
  1. There will just be a claser dot line in the graph.
Union Membership Percentage
Union Membership Percentage
  1. The union membership percentage, because as the change of the people who were force to work the percentage will be changed.
  1. As the variaty of the people change, and the percentage will changed.
  1. The second graph is showing the connection between the year and the percentage of the membership.
  1. They are the variables not associated.
The income of Personal and Govenors
scatterplot of The income of persomnal and Governors
  1. The difference between the personal income and the Governor's income in the US
  1. No, because the incomes of two different people has no connection of each other.
Scatterplot of Governor's and Persoanl Income
  1. People are getting more and more money, and Governors can earn more money than normal person.
  1. Nope