• "An early warning device to allow epilepsy patients to lead a more normal life"
    Funding Agency: Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering (RISE), Columbia University, New York.
    Amount: $ 170,000 for 2 years.
    Collaborators: Dr David Waltz, Dr. Catherine Schevon, Dr. Ron Emerson, Dr. Gail Kaiser, Dr. Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Phil Gross and Hatim Diab
  • EEGMine: A Distributed Framework for Learning on EEG Data from Epilepsy Patients
    Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
    Amount: $440,000 for 3 years
    Collaborators: Dr David Waltz, Dr. Catherine Schevon and Dr. Ronald Emerson
  • "Intracranial EEG Acquisition System with Online Fast Ripple Detection" Funding Agency: Epilepsy Research Foundation
    Amount: $200,000 for 2 years
    PI: Dr Catherine Schevon, Co-PI: Dr. David Waltz and Dr. Haimonti Dutta
  • "Development of distributed algorithms for incremental sensing and communication" Funding Agency: EMC, India
    Amount: $20,000 (INR: 8 lakhs)
    PI: Dr Amarjeet Singh, Co-PI: Dr. Haimonti Dutta
  • "A distributed framework for Learning on EEG data obtained from epilepsy patients"
    Funding Agency: Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Education, Amazon Inc.
    Amount: $3000 Infrastructure, use of Amazon EC2
  • "Leveraging 'The Wisdom of the Crowd' for Efficient Tagging and Retrieval of Documents from the Historic Newspaper Archive of the New York Public Library" Funding Agency: National Endowment for Humanities
    Amount: $49, 452 PI: Dr Haimonti Dutta, Co-PI: Dr Rebecca Passonneau and Dr David Waltz