WEB SCREEN 1 – Main Registration Menu

This would be the main web registration menu. It would always be shown for registration and would allow the student to select the semester. In addition to determining navigation, the button selection would set a parameter to pass to IDAPTREG indicating whether the student is just checking their registration window, or whether they desire to register at that time. It would be similar to the one used now except that it does not require the student to enter an ID NUMBER.

RADIO BUTTONS: Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)


BUTTONS: Inquire Appointment Window

Register Now,

View Schedule


WEB SCREEN 2 – Appointment Window Screen

This would be the screen associated with IDAPTREG. It would always display when the student selects to check their appointment window. It would display when a student selects the "Register Now" button only when they have checkstops or it is not their appointment window.

It would be similar to the one used now, except that it would also advise students of any checkstops that they might have. If the student selected to register now, and the checkstops allow them to drop courses, the screen should have a button which would allow them to proceed to registration.


WEB SCREEN 3 – Intended Major Update

This screen would be displayed if the student needed to declare a major. It is associated with CDINTREG. The student would be prompted to enter their intended major code.


WEB SCREEN 4 – Registration Update

This screen is associated with ULREGREG. It would allow students to add or drop courses. It would be similar to the one used now except that it would not display the student’s schedule.


WEB SCREEN 5 – View Schedule

This screen is associated with ILSCHREG. It would display the student’s current registration.

Web Screen 1: Main Registration Menu

3270 Screen: None – this is just a menu


Web Screen 2: Appointment Window Screen

3270 Screen: IDAPTREG

Note: If the student selected the "Register Now" button on the main menu, only display this screen if the student is unable to register for some reason (either because they have checkstops or it is before or after their appointment window). Otherwise, do not display this screen, go on to the next screen (IDINTREG).


- Display any checkstops a student may have

- Display the student’s appointment window or the next time they will be able to register.


If the student has a drop only checkstop (meaning they can only drop courses), display a "Register" button to allow them to proceed to registration.





Web Screen 3: Intended Major Update

3270 Screen: CDINTREG

You must update your Intended Major:

Enter Intended Major: ____________

Enter Degree Expected: ____________

Enter Concentration: ____________




Web Screen 4: Registration Update

3270 Screen: ULREGREG





Web Screen 5: View Schedule

3270 Screen: ILSCHREG