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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty
of their dreams~Eleanor Roosevelt

Escuela "la Milagrosa" - Middle School

This was the middle school to which I attended
and graduated from while I was in Chile
This was also the catholic school from
which I learned most of my religious principles
Kingsbridge International - High School

This was the high school I attended to
when I first came to the United States.
It is located in The Bronx, New York
and it is an international school
with students from all over the world
University at Buffalo

MAJOR: Computer Engineering
Current school!

My Favorite Teams
My Passion
University at Buffalo

Although I enjoy playing every sport,
Soccer is my passion.
I have been playing it since I was 7 years old
and I'm hoping to join the
UB team

Background Information
Santiago de los Caballeros, Republica Dominicana

This is the city where I was born.
Although I only lived there for the first four
years of my life, I remember it
as a beautiful place. After spending ten
years in Chile, I went back for vacations and I'm looking forward to going back!
Punta Arenas, Chile

This is the city where I was raised.
I spent 10 years of my life there before coming to the United States.
Every time I think of it, I remember how cold and snowy it was. =)

Random Facts
  • Playing soccer
  • Dancing
  • Skyping with friends
  • Drinking (water) =D
  • Playing League of Legends
  • Playing basketball
  • Learning about history
  • Watching TV shows(True Blood atm)
  • I like learning about Germanic mythology
  • I have three siblings
  • I (reallyX3) love Labradors
  • My favorite dessert is the three-milks cake (Tres Leches)
  • I listen to Air Supply