The Home Page of

Jorge J. E. Gracia

Samuel P. Capen Chair

SUNY Distinguished Professor

Department of Philosophy and Department of Comparative Literature

State University of New York at Buffalo



Welcome to my home page. I trust it will be of use to my students, prospective University at Buffalo students, and anyone who wishes to reach me or to find some information about me or my publications.



My primary areas of interest in philosophy may be divided into two groups:

                                  Ethnicity/Race/Nationality, Hispanic/Latino Issues


Please select your choice by clicking on the appropriate icon below:

American Philosophical Association Interview Metaphysics/Ontology
How to reach me Philosophical Historiography
Curriculum vitae Interpretation, Hermeneutics, Text Theory
Books authored/edited Race & Ethnicity (including Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity)
Publications in languages other than English Philosophy of Religion
One-page Vita Medieval/Scholastic Philosophy
Photographs Latin American, Spanish, and Iberian Philosophy


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