Betsy Mates van LobenSels

Schools: Buffalo's Hutchinson Central Technical High School; Michigan State University, BS in systems engineering; University of Washington, PhD in pulmonary physiology and M.D. She began residency training in the UW system in June '96 and will move to Virginia Mason Hospital in June '97.

Interests: figure, pairs and precision team skating, skiing on snow and water, cycling, jogging, hiking, rock climbing, cats, home brewing and sewing, but most of her off-duty attention goes to husband,


who enjoys the same activities and flying, as well. On the job, he is a Navy pilot. His flight squadron is homeported at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. He flies the EA6B "prowler" and is assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln Battle Group.

Schools: Sunset High School, Beaverton, OR; Univ. California, Davis, BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Jeff has successfully introduced Bets to golf, which was more than her parents could do (and then she taught Mom some valuable techniques).

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Last updated March 1997