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506 Introduction to Information and Technology

Assignment 1

1. A full backup would take 17hours 49minutes, take up 107 DVD-Rs.

2. .35% of the hard drive spaced filled by the volume.

3. If we take into account 10ms of seek time + the average 5.56ms of rotational latency it would take 15.56 ms to access one volume entry. To access the entire 3.8 million volume it would take 16hr:25min.28sec. (I got the average of 5.56 starting with 5,400 rpms which is 90 revolutions per second, which would mean 11.11 milliseconds per revolution for a full disk rotation, therefore on the average to access a volume entry you would only need to travel that distance half of the time.)

4. There would be 130,000,000 comparisons per second per core. With two cores it would be 260,000,000 comparisons per second. So it would take 1.46 seconds, which equals/rounds to 1.5 seconds for the 3.8 million comparisons.

5. There are 1.786 gigabytes of data, which is equal to 1,786 megabytes (for conversation rates I'm going to multiply by 1,000 instead of the 1,024). Now it would be 1.5 mega bytes per second for T1 Earth Link transfer rate, and Xfinity Comcast advertises up to 50 mbps per second. So using T1 it would take 11867 seconds to transfer the 1.786 gigabytes, and using the DSL it would take 35.6 seconds to transfer the 1.786 gigabytes of data. I have attached pictures of my work on the next pages! (sorry my scanner is broken at the moment.)