Cinque Terre

506 Introduction to Information and Technology

Assignment 2

  • Gabriella Vargas
  • LIS 506 - Sun
  • Fall 2015
  • Assignment 2- Group 4

1. In order to find out who is responsible for the Flyonthewall Katie looked into the website’s “About sections, and noted that the description there only spoke about what the company did, and did not list a specific person. After this she looked into their “Contact” section to see if they provided a Toll Free Number, or direct lines to employees. The website provided physical addresses, and a UK phone number which Katie assumed was a Toll Free Number. The company also had an email address, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, which provided the same basic information as the “About” section. According to the “About” section and the details provided by their various social media accounts, the Flyonthewall headquarters is located at 90 Acre Covent Garden London, WC2E 9RZ United Kingdom. The company size is small 1-10 employees. They were founded in 2001, and are a privately held company. This information leads Katie to URL trimming. She took off the /index.php off of “ which lead her to the same website. According to Katie trimming the .tv off of the URL leads to a generic web-searching database ( in her web browser). Katie concluded that this is an ineffective way to find out pertinent information about websites.

2. Ashley googled domain registries and came up with this website “ she used this to research the domain. The site provided her with details on the domain’s registrant(s). It seems that is registered to Jason Gleave and Flyonthewall LTD at Studio 5, The Quadrangle, 49 Atalanta St., London. Based on this information Ashley concluded that there is a domain registrant, and administrator, and technical person. The registrant and administrator is the same person out of London, Great Britain. The technical person is from a German Company called Xodox ( Judging from this information it seems that the site requires joint international maintenance.

3. I chose to complete task 3, and used the IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority) to try and find out what domain name was associated with .tv. After navigating to the IANA I clicked on a few of the links, until I realized I needed to search for .tv under the Root Zone Management link. After that I discovered that it was quite easy to find out that the .tv domain is sponsored by the Ministry of Finance and Tourism, and is also the country code of Tuvala, which allows it’s country code to be used within the television and media genre. It is a top-level domain, and is delegated by the Root Zone Management, and is therefore the IANA’s responsibility, and must follow their policies and procedures.

4. In order to discover find the traceroute, Roxanne needed to find the IP address for She googled “find IP address website” and found: and she simplified the website to, and discovered the IP was She then went to the tracert site, and found that the site made 12 “hops” but the map she saw only showed three “hops” from Colorado to the UK and then to somewhere in northwest Germany.

As a group we noticed that the "hops" from the UK to Germany that Roxanne found were consistent with the information Katie found about the administrator being located in London, and the technical person being located in Germany. This also fits with the UK phone number that Katie found too. The .tv domain makes sense because the company is a broadcast company (state on the site) and would fit under the tv and media genre.