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Excerpts from DARK CITY by Charles Bernstein
Excercise 1

There's an eggplant in heaven
Seen it there, know the sign
It's awaiting for me
End of time, long-lost rime
As a matter of fact
I'm as good as packed.
I slept longer than you
Now isn't that true?
Love is like love, a baby
like a baby, meaning like
memory, light like light.
A journey's a detour
and a pocket a charm
in which deceits are borne.
A cloud is a cloud and
a story like a story,
song is a song, fury
like fury.

Exercise 2

A poem should not mean but impale
not be but bemoan,
           bubble. Malted meadows & hazelnut
innuendos: I'll bet the soda water
gets the shakes sooner than
Dan gets to Tampa.