Evaluation of Privacy in DNS Private Exchange

Evaluated various privacy models proposed for addressing privacy issues in DNS exchange between two private users. Submitted in full requirement for Master's project at University at Buffalo.

Online Railway Registration Website

Built a website that allowed regional booking of tickets as opposed to a single centralized website. The proposed idea behind this project was to reduce the load on a single website by creating regional websites to effectively reduce load on a single country wide website.

RAIT Horizon Website

Built a website for the college cultural festival. Designed using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Convolution and Stereo Vision

Wrote scripts in Python to estimate disparity in an image, obtain histogram equalization for test images and view interpolation for a test image.

Android Application Development

Implemented basic messanger apps in Android as part of Distributed Systems curriculum to demonstrate FIFO and total ordering and storing messages using a file storage system.

Automated Car Accident Detection using Sensor techniques

The objective of this project was to incorporate an obstacle detection mechanism on a prototype to underline the importance of new technologies in making driving a safer experience. Designed the prototype using two SRF04 sensors mounted to the front and and AT89E51 programmable IC.

Publications and Seminars

A Review of SCADA Systems in Indian Railways

Published a paper on the three generations of SCADA Systems used in Indian Railways

Seminar on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Presented a seminar on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks as part of the curriculum for Wireless Security Concepts Seminar at University at Buffalo.

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