Giovannine Finn LIS 506 Week 12 Exercise Spring 2015

From the "Google a Day" page I chose the following to search. "One of the most famous photos of the 20th century was taken at a memorial service for victims of La Coubre. On the original print, what's stamped in the lower left corner?" I chose to use the [ " " ] (double quote) and the [AND] boolean searching tools. The [ " " ] search was a relatively easy search for me. I use is on a daily basis. I like that it searches specifically for what you've put in the quotations. I searched for "La Coubre Print's Stamp" at first and came up with nothing. I then searched for "Memorial Service La Coubre Photo". This came up with images and web pages. I looked through the images for the original print and found that in the lower left hand corner in the original print it said "Kodak plus X pan film". I then used the [And] search function to see what results came with the same question. I searched for [La Coubre AND memorial original photo AND lower left corner]. There were no clear results. And, one result suggests that it said "guerrilla heroes". I then searched different terms. I searched [La Coubre AND Original memorial print]. I received pretty much the same results as the first [ " " ] search. "Kodak plus X pan film" is printed on the lower left of the original print. I like the different types of ways to narrow down searches. It's extremely helpful when you have an ambiguous or long winded question. Because I work in a library, I use these tools often. They are great and extremely useful. I think that as I become a professional, I'll be able to hone my skills with using these tools. Many times librarians get these types of questions that require a good amount of narrowing down search results. By learning these tools now, I'll be able to use them proficiently in my future career.