Lab 3: Leaflet

Map 1: General Map of Buffalo

This first map was created simply to show how easy it is to integrate the Leaflet javascript library to import maps in an HTML-created website. It was as easy as inserting the leaflet library into a source attribute in HTML and then refrencing the OpenStreetMap free base map. To make it look nice, the Stamen library was used to add a nice looking terrain layer over the basemap.

Map 2: Map of Buffalo Featuring Vacant, City-Owned Properties

This second map was slightly more challenging to create, because we had to add GeoJSON data to the html file. The first step in making this map was converting the parcel data about the properties from a shapefile to a GeoJSON file. This was done by opening the shapefile in QGIS and simply saving it as a GeoJSON file. After altering the code slightly to make it a JavaScript file, it was easy to add this data into the HTML file and to create some overlays and labels to add context to the points.

Data collected from Buffalo Parcel Database / Map created using Leaflet and Stamen Libraries