Challenge Project: Comparing Buffalo School Attendance Zones

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P.S. 67 Discovery School Attendance Zone

P.S. 64 Frederick Law Olmsted Attendance Zone

P.S. 80 Highgate Heights Elemntary School Attendance Zone


Buffalo public schools moved from having defined neighborhood attendance zones roughly one decade ago. Many public schools still reserve ⅓ of their seats for students inside their defined “district”. Unfortunately, this information is not readily available to residents living in Buffalo. Our group set out to identify the neighborhoods for three prominent elementary schools in the Buffalo Area.

We focused on three public schools: PS 64 Frederick Law Olmsted, PS 67 Neighborhood, and PS 80 Highgate Heights. All of these schools accept students via placement exams, but they also contain students that are allowed to attend due to their residence in an attendance zone. The schools DO NOT make it easy to find this information, however.

The maps above attempt to simplify the attendance zone data provided by the schools (link can be found below). We're hoping this map can help perspective parents when house hunting to find houses that are inside good school zones.

We also compared these attendance zones with median income data and race data to see if any trends can be seen. No visible trends were found. After performing regression analysis on the dataset, we can conclude that there is no statistical corellation between attendance zones, median income, and race data.

Who helped with this Project?

  • Gavin Guild
  • Jiyuan Zhou
  • Amy Xu

Where did we find the information?

Click here for the Buffalo Schools Student Placement