Research Interests     -    G.A. Valentine


Volcanic risk – using our understanding basic volcanic processes to predict the consequences of eruptions on human infrastructure, and of the spatial-temporal behavior of volcanic systems to constrain eruption probabilities.


Basaltic volcanism – all aspects of continental basaltic volcanism with a focus on physical processes both at the scale of individual eruptions and volcanoes, and at the scale of entire volcanic fields.





Paricutin scoria cone, Mexico




Volcano fluid dynamics and modeling – multiphase transport processes associated with explosive eruptions and resulting deposits, volcanic conduit flow, and magma ascent and interaction with surrounding crust.



Pyroclastic deposits – detailed studies of pyroclastic deposits from very small scoria cones to major ignimbrites associated with large calderas, and what those deposits tell us about eruption processes.











Miocene pumice fallout beds in southern Nevada











Phreatomagmatic processes – energetics of explosions from magma-water interaction, craters, deposits, and diatremes.








Explosives being used to study the formation of maar craters and underlying diatremes.