Gary Ye's Personal Webpage

Gary the snail

My name is Gary Ye. I'm a senior psychology major. Spring 2016 is my last semester at UB. I have finished all my course requirements for my major,
which is why i am currently taking some programming classes. I find the topic interesting and i hope to increase my skill set.
I practice Kendo during my free time, which is a japanese martial art. I'm originally from New York City.

Completed Assignments for MFC215

  1. Homepage
  2. CSS Page
  3. Table Web Page
  4. HTML5/CSS Compliant Page
  5. Special Effects Page
  6. Multimedia Page
  7. Forms Page
  8. Javascript Page
  9. JavaScript Validation
  10. Wow Me!

MFC 215 Assignments

Assignments Date Due
Homepage 02/12/2016
CSS Page: Inline , Embedded, Linked 02/19/2016
Table Page 02/26/2016
HTML5/CSSPage 03/04/2016
What Makes A Good Website 03/11/2016
Special Effects Page 03/25/2016
Multimedia Page 04/01/2016
Form Page 04/08/2016
JavaScript Page 04/15/2016
JavaScript Validation 04/15/2016
Final 05/06/2016

Here is a Haiku i found on the internet
I wake, reluctant;
Too cold to get out of bed
But i need to pee.