Gary Muffoletto

Picture taken on Woodlawn Beach near the windmills

*Picture taken on Woodlawn Beach near the windmills


→ Create your Web Page
Create a webpage and upload it to your UB account
→ Create Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pages
Create a page and style it using inline, external, and embedded CSS
Create a Table Web Page
Create a webpage that utilizes a table.
Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page
Create and style a webpage that compliant with CSS3 and HTML5.
→ Modify Your Home Page to Use Divs
Modify your index.html file to utilize divs for formatting and design.
→ Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using Cascading Style Sheets
Using CSS resize your images and add other special effects to your webpage.
→ Create a Form Web Page
Create a page that using HTML5 to submit a email form
→ Create a Multimedia Web Site
Create a page that utilizes video and sound embedded in page.
→ Create a JavaScript Web Page
Create a page that uses JavaScript to perform special functions.
→ Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page
Modify your form page to have validation performed by JavaScript
→ HTML5 Wow Me
Use HTML5 and CSS3 that we learned in class to create a stunning webpage.

About me

Hello, my name is Gary Muffoletto. I am a student at the University at Buffalo. I originally started my degree here at UB in 2011 as an Intended Computer Science major. I took a few semesters off, but now I'm back! I believe I am a second semester sophomore at this point, hopefully. I expect to finish my degree by Spring 2019.