Gary Muffoletto

Picture taken on Woodlawn Beach near the windmills

*Picture taken on Woodlawn Beach near the windmills


→ Create your Web Page
Create a webpage and upload it to your UB account
→ Create Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Pages
Create a page and style it using inline, external, and embedded CSS
Create a Table Web Page
Create a webpage that utilizes a table.
Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page
Create and style a webpage that compliant with CSS3 and HTML5.
→ Modify Your Home Page to Use Divs
Modify your index.html file to utilize divs for formatting and design.
CSS Advanced
Using CSS resize your images and add other special effects to your webpage.
Create a Form Web Page
Create a page that using HTML5 to submit a email form.
Create a Multimedia Web Site
Create a page that utilizes video and sound embedded in page.
Create a JavaScript Web Page
Create a page that uses JavaScript to perform special functions.
Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page
Modify your form page to have validation performed by JavaScript
HTML5 Wow Me
Use HTML5 and CSS3 that we learned in class to create a stunning webpage.

About me

Hello, my name is Gary Muffoletto. I am a student at the University at Buffalo. I originally started my degree here at UB in 2011 as an Intended Computer Science major. I took a few semesters off, but now I'm back! I believe I am a second semester sophomore at this point, hopefully. I expect to finish my degree by Spring 2019.