Marco Gaboardi

Ph.D. Torino (I) - Nancy (F)

I am an assistant professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department of the University at Buffalo, SUNY. My research is in computer science with a focus on Programming Languages, Differential Privacy, and Logic.


Some events:

Past events: POPL 2017 (PC), POST 2017 (PC), DICE-FOPARA 2017 (PC), PLAS 2016 (PC), TPDP 2016 (OC & PC Chair), LOLA 2016 (PC Chair), LSFA 2016 (PC), Linearity 2016 (PC), Dagstuhl Seminar 16131 - (OC) FoSSaCS 2016 - (PC), TPDP 2015 (OC & PC Chair), DICE 2015 (PC Chair), FCS 2015 (PC) Shonan meeting 069 2015 (OC), MFPS 2015 (PC), LCC 2013 (Invited Speaker), FOPARA 2013 (PC), ASL - Proof Theory 2012 (Invited Speaker), DICE 2012 (PC), Workshop on LL (Invited Speaker), Graduate course on Linear Logic in Milan (Invited Speaker), OPLSS 2011 (OC), AILA 2011 (OC).