This website was created with the intent to expose the populace to the wonder of sound. The concept that entire landscapes and enviornments can be crafted solely through sound is incredible and should be something that is explored more thorougly in the media market. We hope you enjoy these projects and that youre interest in sound crafting is spawned from your experience.



A walk through of the busy city streets, filled with clacking shoes, noisy engines, and mechanized construction. You walk towards your car on the outskirts of the city, escaping the crowded bustle.


The pristine realm of nature captured in sound. Crunching leaves and snapping twigs echo as you follow the sounds of migrating geese. The surreal, still air of your solitude envelops you.


A tour of a peaceful home, spared commotion. Spending your time in comforting solitude, we hear the sounds of clearing dishes, the hum of the washing machine, the buzz of the television.