Introduction To Java - MFC 158 G

Fall 2000 (updated 11/14/2000)



Instructor: Jeff Fineberg


Course URL:

Course Time: Tuesdays 7:00-9:40

Course Location: Capen 263 (lecture) / Park 143 (lab) *Class will always start in Capen*

Office hours: After the lab - Park 143 (or by appointment)


Course Description: An introductory programming course in Java.  We will explore Java through examples, discussions, reading, viewing web sites and programming assignments.  Topics include Applets, class libraries and standalone applications.  We will also need to cover enough html to run applets.  Java programs will be implemented using Sun’s Java JDK 1.2 using either Sun Solaris Unix or Windows platform (dependant upon availability).


Prerequisites: MFC 101 – Introduction to Computers and Information Systems or equivalent.  Additionally, previous programming knowledge is highly recommended.


Textbook: “Java – How to Program - 3rd Edition” by Deitel and Deitel (Prentice Hall publishers)


CIT Help Desk contact information:

Computing Assistance - New accounts, questions, etc.
216 Computing Center
Buffalo, NY 14260-1408
Phone: (716) 645-3542  Fax: (716) 645-3617

Homework assignments


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Useful resources


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Fall Schedule (subject to change)

Class Date

Topic(s) Discussed / Activities

Assignments / Reading - see details under "homework assignments"


Course Overview.  Environment for programming in Java (Unix, NT, browser).

Available Resources

Course Survey - Results

-          Obtain UBUNIX/IT account

-          Establish UBUNIX homepage

-          Test the programming environment by writing a ‘hello world’ Java program.

-          Read Chapter 1