Why Computer Science?

The most important personal experience I remember from my past would be my fascination with Technology. I started exploring computers and other electronic devices at the age of 13. Whenever an electronic device at home would stop functioning, I would try and repair it no matter how intricate it was. I have always had that eagerness to know what’s inside, how it works or what makes it work. Understanding a device and its components gave me an incredible feeling of contentment. In the 8th standard, when a CPU in the computer lab broke down, I repaired it on my own. Before I realized it, I was the go-to-guy for odd tasks related to computers or other electronic gadgets at school; even my teachers would approach me to have a particular issue resolved. A similar fascination led me to indulge in software related tasks. I was one of the first kids in school to edit and Photoshop movies and introductory videos for functions at school. Accordingly, I was selected to prepare a short video for the Farewell of my batch and the video was hugely appreciated by all the batch mates and the teachers. Since the 9th grade, I have been the Director of photography (DOP) and Visual Coordinator at every single event held in our school. Also, in 2014, the school had organized a computer fest like every year. One of the participants from my school in the App Debugging competition was absent due to some personal reasons. At the end moment, I was appointed as the participant and won the school 2nd place in the competition and also found an additional bug in the code which the programmers themselves weren’t aware of and received an extra round of applause by the computer teacher and other staff members of the school. My popularity as the tech-geek at school led me to being elected the Vice President and President of the Computer science club of my school in the 11th and 12th standard respectively. During this period, I have won the ‘Best Computer Science Club President of the year’ twice. My tenacity to excel in the field of computers has won me the most number of awards related to computer science in the entire school for the period 2011-2015. All the fascination eventually led me to choose what I would do in life. My entire world revolves around computers and gadgets. From what I personally feel, you do not need to mug up your high school books and score high grades to pursue your dream or achieve success. Rather, you need to have your heart set on that particular dream which would take your mind to higher levels of realization. My learning from my personal experiences thus far is that anyone can do anything when they have their heart set on it. In my case, I have found that calling in computers and technology. I am very excited to be pursuing higher education in Computer Science and look forward learning new things, and growing every step of the way.