Original Home Page

This is the original home page. There is an image, a paragraph about myself, and a list of the class assignments. It utilizes html, head, h1, img, p, b tags and more.

Different Ways of Using CSS

Inline CSS Page | Embedded/Internal CSS Page | External CSS Page

The first link is a web page using inline styles. The second link is a web page using embedded/internal styles. And, the last link is a web page using linked/external styles.

Table Page

This web page utilizes table, tr, th, and td tags to create a table.

Valid HTML5/CSS Page

This web page is HTML5 and CSS valid.

What Makes a Web Site "Good" or "Bad"?

This is currently unavailable on this web site because it is only available in the discussion forum on UBLearns.

Modified Home Page

This is the home page modified to use divs. It also contains a footer and descriptions of the assignments.

Special Effects Page

This web page will contain special effects. Style changes to graphics, fonts, tables, and more will be made.

Form Page

This web page will contain a form that will consist of information like name, address, city, phone number, and email address.

Multimedia Page

Here you will find audio clips, videos, and animation.

JavaScript Page

This web page will utilize JavaScript.

JavaScript Validation Page

This web page will modify Form Web Page using JavaScript.

HTML5 "Wow Me!" Final

This web page will be my final product to demonstrate what I have learned about HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and from the book Don't Make Me Think. Each page will have a navigation section.

Krug Book Essay/Presentation (Extra Credit)

An essay and presentation that summarizes the guiding principles in Don't Make Me Think.