Description of myself

I am a sophomore who is currently undecided with my major. GIS is something that has caught my interest and at the moment I plan to continue down the line of GIS classes. I enjoy hanging out with my roomates and I also enjoy doing coding excersises.

Classes I am currently enrolled in

  • GEO281
  • CSE113
  • GEO101
  • SPA104
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    Two favorite things

  • Two of my favorite movies are: Meet the Parents and Saving Private Ryan.
  • Two of my favorite book series are: the Alex Rider series and the Harry Potter and the Gooblet of Fire .
  • Two of my favorite TV shows are: The Office and Breaking Bad.

    My Favorite movies are:

    1. Meet the Parents (IMDB)
    2. Director: Writers: Stars:
    3. Saving Private Ryan (IMDB)
    4. Director: Writer: Stars:
    My Dream Vacation Spot
    This is the Whistler Blackomb ski mountain located in British Columbia, Canada. My parents took me out west as a high school graduation gift, and I instantly loved it out there. I have been skiing since I was three, and my father and I are very skilled skiiers. These mountains were so large that during the week we were there, we couldn't even ski half of the trails. In the picture each red line is either a gondola or a ski lift. And the red line you see in the center of the picture connecting the two mountains is the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. This gondola takes you from the top of one ski mountain to the other. At one point you are suspended as high as 436 meters (1430.45 feet!)
    Date of Completion: 9/20/2017