Homework Number 4

Erik Steyn

Assignment Description

The Web is full of information, but you need to dig to find useful information. For this week's assignment, you need to locate a handful useful online resources about multimedia, and create a web page with minimum 4 links to store the best online multimedia resources that you have found. For each resource selected, you need to give a short description about the content of the resource, and your judgment of the resource (i.e., why you think it is one of the best sites).


This week Saturday Night Live offered a hilarious take on Mondays Presidential debate. I though SNL did a great job presenting caricatures of the two candidates.

The Video

Here is a voice recording of me saying hello. I kept it short and sweet.

The Audio

I found this tutorial on the way MP3 players work to be informative and useful.

The Site

Here is a cartoon Donkey. It is pretty cute.