Powerpuff Girls; Google, Bing and Yahoo Search

For the purposes of completing this assignment I chose the completely random topic of the Powerpuff Girls, an animated kid show that appeared on the Cartoon Network from 1998-2005, to use for comparing the search accuracy of Google, Bing and Yahoo. I have always been a loyal Google user for all my basic search needs simply for the sake of familiarity. This was the first time I had forayed into the world of Bing and I was quickly reminded of why I had turned my back on Yahoo long ago.

The very first thing that struck me was how cluttered Yahoos home page is with tabloid news stories, advertisements and assorted other ‘click bait’. Bings home page also has news stories and other gimmicky features was a bit subtler than Yahoos. I much preferred the simplicity of Googles main page which keeps my attention on the task at hand without distracting me from what it is I set out to do.

Both the Yahoo and Bing search engines was that the first results that appeared for my Powerpuff Girls search are sponsored links. The advertisements that greet you at the very top of the results page are clearly marked as “ads”. I found them to be off-putting and distracting. Google also features advertisements in their search results but they are presented in a less intrusive manner.

Aesthetics and advertisements aside, I found there to be no real discernable differences between the search accuracies of my Powerpuff Girls search amongst the three search engines. All three proved to be quick, user friendly and easy to navigate. Google is, and will remain my ‘go to’ search engine until I can find any reasonable reason to stop.