Eric Zimpfer




I am a sophomore in college, studying Civil Engineering. In my spare time I like to play basketball and football, and also go snowboarding. My favorite time of the year is during the summer when I have all my friends over to play sports, have a cookout and end the night with a bonfire or in the pool/hot tub.

Career Objectives:

My goal in life is to become a Civil Engineer, but that isn't necessarily my dream job. My dream job would be to play in the NBA for 20 years, and then when I would be done with that I would want to coach, and then follow that up with a TV broadcaster. Unfortunately, I dont have the talent or size to do that, so I have to be more realistic. My goal is to get my degree from UB in 4 years, and then maybe travel a little bit before jumping into a full time career.

Educational Background:

I grew up about 20 minutes from UB in Lancaster, New York. I was ranked pretty high in my class and was active among clubs and sports. I participated in a program at my high school called Project Lead the Way, which really is where I developed an interest in the Engineering industry, and here I am now trying to get my degree at UB.

Work Experience:

  1. Denny's Bus Boy
  2. Hardwood Installer
  3. Joe Basil Chevrolet Detailer