Brookfield Country Club


Welcome to Brookfield Country Club. We are a privately owned country club located in Clarence, NY. We have Tee-times for both members and non-members, so why not take a ride down? Following your round of golf, we have a beautiful restaurant located just 100 feet from the 18th Hole.

Group Contact Information

Eric Seger

Jacob Shaver

Zack Steinberg


Project Database

The database, which has a link below, will be extrememly useful to the employees at Brookfield Country Club. The database will allow them to move away from the paper processes that are currently used, and move into the database we designed. It will allow them to easily look up member informaion including their tee-times and bag slots. Overall it will increase the productivity of the workers who will use the database






To view more information regarding the golf course, look to the left side menu. Located there are links to The location of the course, pictures of the course, how to book a tee-time, and Videos.