Erica Lutz: Dogs and Politics

My name is Erica Lutz and I am a double major at the University at Buffalo in Political Science and Communication. I also learn German on the side as a hobby, in case I ever get appointed as Ambassador to Germany. I enjoy school a lot but I love my dogs even more than life itself. I have two black lab puppies, they are pictured below in MANY photos. I work for one of my local representatives and it is the coolest job ever!
Because I thoroughly enjoy dogs, my favourite website is barkpost , which is a blog for dog people, like myself.

When I am not spoiling my dogs and buying them copious amount of toys, I enjoy working in politics. I hope to be a well-off bureaucrat one day.
I usually respond to emails the fastest, as I usually sit on my phone most days. I consider it a curse of being a millennial.
Any emails can be sent here

These are my puppies, they are about 4 months old in this photo. Their favourite place to sit and hangout is the bench in our mudroom.

We got them new collars and they wanted to model them for us in this photo. Waylon is one the left and Ms.Reagan is on the right.

Here is Waylon trying to drive home after his vet appointment.