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Spring 2016
Time:  Monday, 7:00 pm - 9:40 pm
Location:  Natural Sciences Complex 215
 SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Diane Christian
 Email: engdc@buffalo.edu
 Office hours: Mon. after class,  Wednesday 12-2,  & by appointment, Clemens 610


Teaching Assistants:  Dr. Rene Rojas   rojas@ecc.edu  Office hours: M 4:45-6:00, Baldy walkway & by appointmentt.
 Sunday Moultonwakefield sundaymo@buffalo.edu Office hours: M 5-6:45, Clemens 612 & by appointment

This course will consider great verbal and visual texts of eternal reward and punishment -- images and stories of heaven, hell and judgment from ancient Sumer to modern film. We will study the Sumerian goddess Inanna's descent to the great below, the Egyptian weighing of the soul, classical underworlds, blessed places and judgment scenes. We'll also consider the Christian Apocalypse and medieval illuminations, Romanesque churches, Dante's Inferno and Paradiso, mystic visionaries, Michelangelo, Signorelli and Bosch, and Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. We'll finish with the 1946 classic film A Matter of Life and Death (Stairway to Heaven). 

Syllabus and Schedule of Readings
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Giotto and the Arena Chapel
    Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" in the Sistine Chapel
Visions of Tondal
Sistine Chapel 

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