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Animal Cognition

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Cognitive Science

About the Psychonomic Society
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Auditory Evoked Potentials
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Welcome to the Visual and Auditory Neurosciences Laboratory!
WorkPage: Linking New Research
Wulfram Gerstner -- Publications


Neural Modeling

Auditory Image Model (AIM)
Biomorphic Sensorimotor systems
Cortical Map Formation - Bibliography
Computational Neuroscience at Brandeis
Computational Neuroscience Program
Computation and Neural Systems
Center for Neural Computation, HUJI
Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at Brown
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Dayan book
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Hippocampus as Autoencoder
Institute of Theoretical Dynamics
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Neural Networks: Gateway To The World: Neural Networks
NeuroDimension Inc.....the Leader in Neural Network Software.
Salk Institute - Computational Neurobiology
Signal Processing Techniques for Spike Train Analysis using Matlab
SOM Toolbox
Table of Contents: November 2000 Volume 3 Number Supp
The GENESIS Simulator
UCSF Computational Neuroscience Journal Club
Work and Hippocampus Stuff

Signal Processing

Blind Source Separation: WWW Links
IEEE Home Page
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Wavelet Resources



Auditory Behavioral Research Lab
AUDITORY home page
Auditory Links
Auditory Neuroethology
Auditory neuroethology lab, UMCP
Auditory Neuroscience Lab
Auditory Perception and Cognition Resources
Center for Auditory and Acoustic Research
Center for Biomedical Research in Music - Colorado State University
Department Auditory Plasticity and Speech
Dooling Lab of Comparative Psychoacoustics
Martin Cooke's Home Page
Neural Systems Lab : Publications
Robert Zatorre - Auditory Cog. Neurosci.
The Kim Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory


Bat Bioacoustics
Bat Detectors: Learn how to listen to bats in your area using a Bat Detector
Bat Ecology & Bioacoustics
Bat Links


Annotated Bibliography of Publications from the US Navy's Marine Mammal Program (NRaD 
Bibliography on Cetacean Communication and Behavior
Marine Mammal Bioacoustics Group
Marine Mammal Biology
Marine Mammals and Noise
Nat'l Acad Press Catalog: Marine Mammals and Low-Frequency Sound:
Technical Document 627 Revision C), section on SOUND/SONAR/COMMUNICATION
The Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology
The Whale-Watching-Web: Cetacean Audiography--CDs, Tapes, LPs, Online Sound Clips
US Navy Marine Mammal Opening Page
Virtual Whales (Computer Graphics, Visualization, Humpback Whales)
Whale song sound library
Whale-Watching Web/Bioacoustic


ASA Range-Dependent Benchmarking
Coastal Systems Station - Leader in Littoral Warfare - NAVSEA's Gateway to the Gulf
Hawaiian Coastal Waters Regional
MIT Ocean Acoustics Group
Ocean Acoustics Homepage - University of Victoria
Other WWW Services (SOEST)
Review of Marine Mammal Responses to Low-frequency Sound Resulting From the Marine Mammal Research Program of the Acoustic Thermometry of the Ocean Experiment
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST)
The HOT-WOCE home page.
Underwater Acoustics Research Group
WHOI Ocean Acoustics Lab Home Page
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


comp.speech WWW site
Diehl Speech Perception Lab
EGG & Voice Quality
Praat: doing Phonetics by Computer
Speech/Acoustic related WWW information list
Speech at CMU-SHINX Group


Animal Bioacoustics
Bioacoustics Home Page
Bioacoustics Laboratory
Dutch Bioacoustics
IBAC - International Bio-Acoustic Council
Music & Research Links: Perception & Cognition
Popper Lab, Aquatic Bioacoustics Home Page
SonicVisioN - seeing with sound
Sound Analysis Software Archive
Sound Analysis Software for Bioacoustics
Texas A&M center for bioacoustics
The World Wide Web Virtual Library:SONAR:Gallery of SONAR
The Acoustical Society of America