A Little About Me

A passionate software developer and a Computer engineering student at the University at Buffalo, currently looking for internship opportunities for the summer of 2017.

I have several years of coding experience and my thirst for learning new technologies has helped me develop a vast array of skill set. I am a team player and committed, energetic and diligent towards all my tasks. The biggest thing that lead me to become a computer scientist was my curiosity and thirst to learn and that satisfying feeling you get when you know you have solved a problem. As a self-taught web designer, I build web applications as a hobby. I possess immense interest in learning new technologies by using them in my projects (Learning PHP building this website). I also enjoyed working on a couple hardware projects such as building a mobile phone detector and programming it in the Arduino language C.

My goal is to build professional software systems to improve the lives of other people and gain expertise in multiple fields of Computer Science.