• Hiking

    I love walking my dog wherever and whenever, but a great source for trails is The Finger Lakes Trail
  • Yoga

    When I can get to a class, I love to go to Mighty Yoga. But I can't go as often as I like, so I use the app Yoga Studio, it is really phenomenal!
  • Internet Consumption

    I like to keep up with lots of different things. Whatever happens to be exciting people at the moment, reddit is a great way to learn about almost anything. Beware, not all corners are friendly, and definitely not kid safe. There are some really great resources and communities to be found, despite the downfalls.
  • Audio Books

    I love to read, but it can be so hard to sit down with a book. Audio books have saved me from missing out. Both Audible and Overdrive are great sources for audio books of all kinds.

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