Lab 4


Lab description

In this lab i created a map in qgis in which i downloaded data for countries from admin and the timezones.I projected the data onto QGIS.I then simplified it with the pre intalled simplied geometries tools for both timezones and countries. I uploaded it to geoJSON and picked 3 cities that i found facinating and emebedded them into data using d3.js and inccoporated into my website.

This is interesting because it allows me to pick awesome cities that i would love to visit. This also allows for me to see the spacial difference between the place i have picked. i can see how far apart. This was also a realy introduction to Qgis and Geojson and all the exciting new maps i can now make.


Question 1: In the JSON Code, the coordinates of -73.66333007812499, 45.4986468234261 is the city of Montreal, which is in Canada.

Question 3: The d3 knew to put the generated image into the right spot on the page of the HTML because it had a certian # contents ID selector. This will assign it on the right cordinates on the map

Question 3: The value of 90 is 90 degrees is to make the map get centered on the Americas. 180 degrees is on the international dateline.

Question 4: when you underline the labels, it is better to use "text-decortion: underline" on the label element.

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