Lab 3

Map 1

Lab description

When creating the map, i used bracket to create an html page associating it with leaflet. my dimension that are used for the map are 600 in width and 500 in height in which i felt that would be the appropriate size to view the map. This map is centered around the Buffalo area and with the help of stamen i was able to add the watercolor layer on top which added in a bit of flavor to the map and bring more life(3/18 6 GOD) to it. .

Why is this map interesting to me? This map is interesting because it pin points buffalo area and more specifily it focused and brought more life to the Universitiy at Buffalo campus and it really show another way in which maps can be dispalayed to be user friendly and show specific interest to the user. p>

References :

Map 2

Lab description

The second map was created by copy of the first leaflet map. then i put a gray scale layer on top on the map , with the help of Qgis is was able to convert the data set on the map. GEOJSON, point data shows the empty lots in Buffalo, NY, which was converted to centroids. when i added the color blue i made the areas more visible and give it more life. This map is interesting because it shows vacant lots all through out buffalo and that kind of data can be use for urban planning and more development of the Buffalo area. References :