• DigiDash

DigiDash is an in-car digital dashboard that gives the user information about their car that they wouldn't normally have access to. This project gives the user the ability to create digital gauges and fully customize a home screen of those gauges. This project is an open source work in progress that was created and designed for my Software Engineering Concepts class at the University at Buffalo. Detailed info and how to setup DigiDash can be found here.

• 3D Printing

I've recently began my hobby of 3D printing. For the DigiDash project above, we needed a case for our Raspberry Pi and touchscreen. In our lab we had a Makerbot, but we lacked the filament necessary to print out multiple cases. I did my own research and found out that I could get an easily modifiable printer for about 300 dollars and my hobby sprung up from there. Since October when I got my printer, I've printed a total of over 12 days of straight print time, and I've even been learning how to 3D model as well. Here are some pictures of what I've printed so far.