Welcome to my website

This is the web page of Elijah Congi-Clyde. I am a sophmore at the University at Buffalo.

I am an Intended Biotechnology Major. I am currently taking a 17 hour course load, divided into 4 classes. I am taking:

CHE 201 Organic Chemistry
PGY 300 Human Physiology
CSE 101 Into to Computers
PSY 207Psychological Statistics

I am very involved on campus, I am part of a social fraternity. I am an active member of the Theta Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Phi.
I hold many leadership roles on several different committees.

Pi Kappa Phi is one of the largest national fraternities and the only one with its own philanthropy. The Ability Experience is the
philanthropy of Pi Kappa Phi, they are an organization focused on helping people who are mentally and physically disabled.
For more information about the Ability Experience go to this link.
For more information about the theta gamma chapter click Here

When I am not at school I am working at the Olive Garden in Niagara Falls. I work as a busser and a sauce cook, some have called me
"the sauce boss". I have been working there for about 3 months now, it is a great place to work and here are plenty of opportunities to move up.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me my email is Elijahcongi@gmail.com