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    If you know of a great place that isn't on the list, it probably means we haven't been there! Drop us a line & tell us about it. eb@buffalo.edu

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    Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14057 716-
    Last Visited 10/07  

    Very nice, small, quiet restaurant located on Delaware Ave. Food overall was of good quality, although the brined duck I had was a bit salty for my taste.

    Price Range: $50.00/person total Food Rating:HHH 1/2

    Anchor Bar

    1047 Main St, Buffalo 716-886-8920
    Last Visited /10  
    Well how could you have a Buffalo restaurant list without mentioning the birthplace of "Buffalo wings". All though lots of folks still argue about who serves the best wings in town (Duff;s being the other local big name in wings), this is where we take friends that want to try out authentic wings. Other food includes decently prepared Italian fare. Jazz & other live entertainment many nights (occasionally a cover charge).
    Price Range: Figure on $15 per person HHH


    Arirang Restaurant

    1416 Millersport Hwy, Williamsville, NY 14221 716.639.7384
    Last Visited 5/12  

    I heard about this place from some UB students. Located in the apartments across from the Marriott, this Korean restaurant is in an unlikely location, but is a serious contender to Woo Chon for Korean food in WNY. So far I've been very favorably impressed.

    Price Range: $10.00/person lunch Food Rating:HHH 1/2

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    54 West Chippewa, Buffalo, NY 716-854-WINE
    Last Visited 9/08  
    In addition to a small plate selection, Bacchus features (not suprisingly given the name) an extensive selection of wine by the glass and 1/2 bottle. Small plate selection seems to be way more interesting than the full entrees.
    Price Range: Figure on $35 per person HHH 1/2

    Bijou Grill

    643 Main St, Buffalo, NY 716-847-1512
    Last Visited 2/02  

    The"Grill" part of the name sums up this restaurant located directly across Main St. from Shea's. The food is of good quality- they actually know how to cook a burger to order! If there is a fault, it is that this plays lives and dies with Shea's - including adjusting their hours to the Shea's schedule. You may want to call ahead to see if they're open - or booked solid - before venturing down.

    Price Range: Figure $15.00/person total Food Rating:HHH


    4548 Main St, Snyder, NY 14226 716-635-1117
    Last Visited 3/10  
    Billing itself as "soup and wine bar", this place was a "must checkout" place when we heard about it. While the original location at 756 Elmwood is no longer open, we've only visited the Main St location. While the wines are good, the selection is kind of limited for a place billing itself as a wine bar. While the soups are very good, the menu is by no means limited to soup. Everything that we tried was well prepared & service was good. If I had a complaint, it would be that some things (salsa for example) that I expected to have some heat were a bit tame.
    Price Range: Wide $18-$25 per entree, but soups, salads and small plates much less HHH


    Buffalo Chop House

    282 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 716-842-6900
    Last Visited 8/06  
    Arguably Buffalo's most expensive restaurant, The Buffalo Chop House is located in a fine old building near both the Theater district and the Chippewa bar scene. Style after most chop-houses, meat is featured, Food & service are both excellent, but my general philosophy toward food is that more expensive is not always better. Still, if someone else is picking up the tab, it's worth the experience ;-)
    Price Range: $40-$75 per person HHH 1/2



    270 Campbell Rd, Getzville, NY 716-636-3102
    Last Visited 1/09  
    Advertised as "authentic Lebanese Cuisine" and in as much as someone whose roots are Polish is in a position to judge such things, they seem to have it right. Very nice atmosphere, generally excellent service. Open for lunch and dinner 6 days a week. Closed Sundays.
    Price Range: Wide $10-$18 per entree HHH 1/2

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    3260 Transit Rd, Williamsville NY 716-
    Last Visited 8/05  
    This is a place that Jane and I have driven by countless times & always intended to get to. We finally did this Summer & had a great meal. This is an unpretentious place serving basic Italian fare, along with some very nice seafood and other meals (try the cajun catfish).
    Price Range: Wide expect $10-20/person HHH

    Cecelia's Ristorante

    716 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222 716-883-8066
    Last Visited 8/12  
    Billing itself as "Ristorante & Martini bar", this is a very affordable place on the Elmwood strip. We were pleasantly suprised by the quality of the food and the service (a few of the tables were more than a little wobbly, but that's another story). Jane got the eggplant parmesean & it was great, as was the calmari. Pork I had was fair.
    Price Range: Wide $18-$25 per entree HHH


    Curly's Bar and Grill


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    15 Washington St, Ellicottville, NY 716-699-5330
    Last Visited 8/09  
    Very nice selection of food down in Ellicottville & one of the places we try to hit whenever we're there. Last visit we had a very unusual sweet potato quesedilla. Very comfortable& somewhat casual place. They apparently have a second operation at one of the ski resorts - we've never been to that.
    Price Range: $15-25 HHH


    800 Maple