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Surfactant-Stripped Frozen Pheophytin Micelles for Multimodal Gut Imaging
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Therapeutic Surfactant-stripped Frozen Micelles
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Directed Vaccination Against Pneumococcal Disease
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A Phosphorus Phthalocyanine Formulation with Intense Absorbance at 1000 nm for Deep Optical Imaging
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Axial PEGylation of Tin Octabutoxy Naphthalocyanine Extends Blood Circulation for Photoacoustic Vascular Imaging
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A Porphyrin-PEG Polymer with Rapid Renal Clearance
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Metal Chelation Modulates Phototherapeutic Properties of Mitoxantrone-Loaded Porphyrin–Phospholipid Liposomes
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Tumor priming using metronomic chemotherapy with neovasculature-targeted, nanoparticulate paclitaxel
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Slit-enabled Linear-array Photoacoustic Tomography with Near Isotropic Spatial Resolution in Three Dimensions
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Reversible Micro- and Nano- Phase Programming of Anthraquinone Thermochromism Using Blended Block Copolymers
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Functionalization of Cobalt Porphyrin–phospholipid Bilayers with His-tagged Ligands and Antigens
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Emerging Applications of Porphyrins in Photomedicine
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99mTc-Labeled Porphyrin–Lipid Nanovesicles
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Article has an altmetric score of 183

Nanomedical Engineering: Shaping Future Nanomedicines
Luo, Carter & Lovell


Non-invasive Multimodal Functional Imaging of the Intestine with Frozen Micellar Naphthalocyanines
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Article has an altmetric score of 313
Research comment in Nature Nanotechnology

Size-Tunable and Monodisperse Tm3+/Gd3+-Doped Hexagonal NaYbF4 Nanoparticles with Engineered Efficient Near Infrared-to-Near Infrared Upconversion for In Vivo Imaging
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Porphyrin–Phospholipid Liposomes Permeabilized by Near-Infrared Light
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Article has an altmetric score of 133
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Pd-Porphyrin-Cross-Linked Implantable Hydrogels with Oxygen-Responsive Phosphorescence
Huang, Song, Chen, Reynard, Ohulchanskyy, Prasad, Bright & Lovell
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A Porphodimethene Chemical Inhibitor of Uroporphyrinogen Decarboxylase
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A Quenched Binuclear Ruthenium (II) Dimer Activated by Another Photosensitizer
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Methylene Blue Microbubbles as a Model Dual-Modality Contrast Agent for Ultrasound and Activatable Photoacoustic Imaging
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Optically Controlled Pore Formation in Self-Sealing Giant Porphyrin Vesicles
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Self-Assembled Porphyrin Nanodiscs with Structure-Dependent Activation for Phototherapy and Photodiagnostic Applications
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Ablation of Hypoxic Tumors with Dose-Equivalent Photothermal, but Not Photodynamic, Therapy Using a Nanostructured Porphyrin Assembly
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One Minute, Sub-One-Watt Photothermal Tumor Ablation Using Porphysomes, Intrinsic Multifunctional Nanovesicles
Jin, Lovell & Zheng

The Use of Nanoparticulate Delivery Systems in Metronomic Chemotherapy
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Porphyrins as Theranostic Agents from Prehistoric to Modern Times
Zhang & Lovell
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Porphyrin Shell Microbubbles with Intrinsic Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Properties
Huynh, Lovell, Helfield, Jeon, Kim, Goertz, Wilson & Zheng
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Enzymatic Regioselection for the Synthesis and Biodegradation of Porphysome Nanovesicles
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Synthesis and Development of Lipoprotein-Based Nanocarriers for Light-Activated Theranostics
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Mechanistic Insights into LDL Nanoparticle-Mediated siRNA Delivery
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Porphyrin FRET Acceptors for Apoptosis Induction and Monitoring
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Research comment in ACS Chemical Biology

Porphyrin-Crosslinked-Hydrogel for Fluorescence-Guided Monitoring and Surgical Resection
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Lipoprotein-Inspired Nanoparticles for Cancer Theranostics (review)
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Porphysome Nanovesicles Generated by Porphyrin Bilayers for use as Multimodal Biophotonic Contrast Agents
Lovell, Chen, Huynh, Jin, Kim, Rubinstein, Chan, Cao, Wang & Zheng
Research comment in C&E News
Research comment in Nature Methods

Cytosolic Delivery of LDL Nanoparticle Cargo Using Photochemical Internalization
Jin, Lovell, Chen, Ng, Cao, Ding, Zhang & Zheng
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Efficient Cytosolic Delivery of siRNA Using HDL-Mimicking Nanoparticles
Yang, Jin, Chen, Ding, Ng, Lin, Lovell, Zhang & Zheng


Investigating the Specific Uptake of EGF-Conjugated Nanoparticles in Lung Cancer Cells Using Fluorescence Imaging
Jin, Lovell, Chen, Ng, Cao, Ding, Zhang & Zheng

Programmed Nanoparticle Aggregation Using Molecular Beacons
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Facile Synthesis of Advanced Photodynamic Molecular Beacon Architectures
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HDL-Mimicking Peptide–Lipid Nanoparticles with Improved Tumor Targeting
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Biomimetic Nanocarrier for Direct Cytosolic Drug Delivery
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A tumor mRNA-triggered photodynamic molecular beacon based on oligonucleotide hairpin control of singlet oxygen production.
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Activatable optical probes for imaging and therapy (review)
Lovell & Zheng

Membrane Binding by tBid Initiates an Ordered Series of Events Culminating in Membrane Permeabilization by Bax
Lovell, Billen, Bindner, Shamas-Dim, Fradin, Leber & Andrews
Research comment in Cell

Bcl-XL Inhibits Membrane Permeabilization by Competing with Bax
Billen, Kokoski, Lovell, Leber & Andrews
Research comment in PLoS Biology.
Highlight in Nature Immunology.