Exploring new frontiers in nanomedicine

The lab was established at University at Buffalo's new Biomedical Engineering department in 2012. Broadly, our focus is on developing novel nanomedicine approaches to meet unmet needs in treating and diagnosing disease. We strive to use engineering principles to iteratively design, synthesize, characterize, test and validate next generation nanoparticles and biosensors with the ultimate goal of making a translational impact on improving human health. Developing safer, organic nanoparticles that will allow superior treatment options for cancer therapy is a major research thrust.

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   Our team have been employing the use of Co-PoP liposomes on the development of vaccines for several viral infections, including HIV, Dengue, Zika, HPV, Malaria, Influenza and many others.

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   Our group synthesizes hydrogels by crosslinking porphyrin and PEG for long-term monitoring of several biological parameters in vivo, including oxygen, pH and many others.

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Active targeting for phototherapy

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