Dan Warner


University at Buffalo


About Myself

I am a freshman at the University at Buffalo. I am part of the UB Men's Soccer program. I am also a commuter to the University at Buffalo. I have one younger brother and live at home with my mother and father.

Career Objective

I wish to major in mechinical engineering. I want to own my own farm where I can develope new techniques and implement them on my own farm to see how well they work. Once tested I would like to try and patent my idea and help other farmers around the world.

Education Background

I grqaduated from Shattuck St. Mary's highschool in Faribault, Minnesota. I attended Shattuck St. Mary's for 3 years and attended another highschool for 2. This highschool was for freshman and somophore year and was caled Starpoint Central Highschool. I am now attending the University at Buffalo as a freshman.

Work experience

  1. Farm hand
  2. Commercial landscaper for Turf Tec