Hermann Gutzmann (Senior)


Hermann Gutzmann, Sr.Hermann Gutzmann Sr. was known as the "father of the being correct and language medicine" in Germany. He developed his interest in speech disorders and therapy from his own father, Albert Gutzmann, who was a teacher of the deaf and mute and who wrote a book on the nature and therapy approaches for stuttering.

Hermann studied medicine in Berlin and graduated in 1887. He developed a private practice for patients with language and speech disorders in 1891. He also founded a journal reviewing studies and events having to do with medicine and language (Medical-Educational Monthly Review for the Entire Language Medicine", later to be called "Vox").

His therapy and research related to the relationship between breath movements and speech language disturbances. Gutzmann ran a school, called the Berlin School for Speech and Voice Therapy, where he trained students in therapy and diagnostic methods. His students came from the international community, as well as from Germany. They included Nadoleczny and his son Hermann Gutzmann Jr., both of whom were to make significant contributions to the field of speech disorders.

Gutzmann established speech and language therapy as an independent medical special field. He published 13 books and more than 300 articles, mostly in German.

Writings of H. Gutzmann Sr.

Gutzmann, H. (1894) Children's speech and speech errors (a book for parents, teachers, and physicians).