Mabel Farrington Gifford

Mabel Farrington Gifford was a charter member of ASHA, being among the 25 people who founded the organization. She was best known for her stuttering therapies and for her work as an administrator of speech programs. She was the director of the Speech Clinic at the University of California Medical School (1915-1940) and Chief of the Bureau of Correction of Speech Defects in California from and the Director of public school speech correction program in the city of San Francisco. (1916-1917).

She also served as a Faculty member, Department of Special Education, Division of Speech Correction, San Francisco State Teachers College.

Charter member of ASHA, 1926

Vice President of ASHA, 1931-32

President of Western State's Communication Association, 1946

Writings of Mabel Gifford arranged chronologically

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About Mabel Gifford

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