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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II

Jan 8, 1944
Saturday nite
11 P.M.

Hi honey--

Still awaiting a letter from you. Hope I get one next week.

Nothing much new here. Judy and Lanie helped mother clean the house this morning. Judy really does a thorough job until she becomes tired or distracted. Lanie of course merely makes an effort of using the sweeper, and duster.

Elaine & I walked downtown while Judy went over to play with Shirey and Beverlee. That energetic little monkey is always ready to "go." Whenever we get inside a store, she begins pulling and tugging at my clothes saying, "Lets go mommy, let's go bye bye." I really don't get a great deal of shopping done with her along.

I'm enclosing a letter from Ginny giving Ben's address, which you may want.

Judy is in the in between stage of growing out of her nap period. She really has a difficult time going off to sleep, but when she doesn't nap she gets so dopey and cross. Some days she naps and others she doesn't. I'm not forcing her and she will probably gradually adjust herself to eliminating the afternoon snooze.

Lanie Mart has been very restless at night, awakening two or three times-- crying and screaming for no apparent reason. She certainly keeps me on edge getting up so often. Perhaps she is suffering from the horrible dreams that mother does. Think I'll take a Nembutal tonite.

Sweets, I wish I knew where you were and what you are doing & what your set-up is. Everything is so indefinite and uncertain & my mind runs amuck. Everything I hear on the radio and everything I read, I apply to you -- which isn't so good. However, I keep a smile on for my public. I love you dearly, Ros.


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