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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II

Jan 8, 1944

Hello dearest: --

Just a little note so that you won't miss Saturday's mail which would not go out on Sunday.

Everything under control. Had a miserable night last nite. One of those sleepless night where my imagination runs away with me. I had the peculiar sensation of awakening and listening for your car to return home from a call. I'll probably need a psycho-analysis before this is all over -- such dreams I have each night! The days are not to bad.

Your girls are find and happy. Judy has her playmates each day and Lanie hangs on to Mother's apron strings.

Listening to the opera this afternoon with Lily Pons and Jan Pearce in Louis de L amore.

Today at noon Lanie Mart said "Mother, poor Lanie wants something to eat." She's saying " I wish daddy wasn't in the army. I really do." I think I'll have a little party for her birthday. I'll write more later dear.

I love you so.



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